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Alexeter Technologies LLC is a recognized leader in commercial biological defense products. Alexeter's BioTest strips enable you to distinguish biological threats from non-threats and teach you to respond appropriately, thereby ensuring employee safety and minimizing downtime costs.

Research International is proud to represent Alexeter's BioTest strips to our international* customers. Bioidentification capabilities include:

  • Anthrax (Bacillus anthracis)
  • Ricin Toxin (Ricinus communis)
  • Botulinum Toxin (Clostridium botulinum)
  • SEB (Staphylococcal aureaus)
  • Plague (Yersinia pestis)
  • Tularemia; Rabbit fever (Francisella tularensis)
  • Brucella (Brucellosis)
  • Orthopox; Smallpox (Orthopoxvirus)

* U.S. and Canadian customers should contact Alexeter directly.


KRP-05 Gamma/Neutron Detector

KRP-05 Gamma/Neutron Detector

The KRP-05 device monitors gamma and neutron radiation levels during passage of mail through a monitored space subject to inspection, with the intent of detecting both radioactive materials and special nuclear materials (SNM). Upon detecting a threat, it will generate audio and visual signals.

The detector is commonly housed in a column that may be placed in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. It may also be located inside a wall, ceiling or floor, inside an inspection bench, under a conveyer, inside a pass-through metal detector, etc.

The gamma radiation detector is based on a NaI(Tl) monocrystal that enables output of high-precision gamma radiation spectra that can be used to identify nuclide composition of the sources detected with software-based signal processing. Optical flashes formed in the crystal during operation are converted into electric pulses (with an amplitude proportional to the incident radiation energy level) by using a photomultiplier tube (PMT). An analog/digital converter converts the PMT photocurrent into digital code and submits it to an information processing unit where signals are analyzed and compared to stored nuclide spectral fingerprints and threshold levels. Based on this software analysis, a conclusion is reached on the presence or absence of radioactive materials.

Research International, Inc. is the exclusive distributor for mailroom applications of radiation detection technologies manufactured by RATEC, Inc. of St. Petersburg, Russia. RATEC has developed, over a 20-year period, a line of highly sensitive passive analyzers for radioactivity. These passive analysis methods use neutron and gamma radiation energy signatures to detect and identify radioactive materials and special nuclear materials. RATEC is one of the leading radioactivity detection technology companies in the world today, and also manufactures highly sensitive Advanced Thermal Neutron Analysis and Fast Neutron Analysis systems for the noninvasive detection of high explosives.

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