SASS® 4100 Plus

Two-Stage Collector Plus Particle Extractor

SASS 4100 Plus System: Two-Stage Collector PLUS Particle Extractor.

The SASS® 4100 Plus provides total sampling capability by combining Research International’s highly efficient, two-stage, dry filter-based aerosol collection device SASS 4100 with our SASS 3010 Particle Extractor. The system can be used for many applications requiring the collection and later analysis of airborne particulates, including: counter-terrorism, epidemiology, agriculture, food processing air quality and medical facility air quality.

Aerosol sample analysis is frequently plagued by three problems:

  • The targeted pathogen is present at a very low concentration;
  • The collection process involves too small an air sample to be statistically valid; and/or
  • Available bioassay methods are not sensitive enough.

In response to these issues, Research Intenational is now offering the SASS 4100, the highest-capacity portable aerosol dry collector in production.


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