Integrated CBRN Products


BioHawk LF® Automated Biodetection and Bioidentification

Significantly reduces operating costs

BioHawk LF® is an automated, integrated system for detecting, collecting and identifying airborne pathogens. The BioHawk LF minimizes the cost of consumables by testing only when a potential threat is detected by its built-in biodetector.

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ASAP III™ Collection/Detection System for Mailrooms

The ASAP III system is the next generation in mailroom security, with our BioHawk LF® at the core of its operation. ASAP III offers all the capability of its predecessor, ASAP II, with significant advantages: Drastically reduced testing frequency and operating costs, faster mail processing, and the ability to identify up to eight biological threats simultaneously.

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ASAP V™ for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Urban infrastructures worldwide are coming under increasing threat from vandals, gangs, and terrorists. The ASAP V for Critical Infrastructure Protection is a modular, multi-sensor surveillance system designed for subways and other high-value/high-risk areas. Sensor modules are available that can detect a wide range of threats, from the presence of nuclear, biological and chemical agents, to smoke and fire.

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CBRN Patrol Robot

The CBRN Patrol Robot is an integrated, multi-featured, remote-controlled, wheeled robotic monitoring vehicle suitable for a wide range of counter-terrorism monitoring applications.

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Remote sensor nodes for cbrn monitoring

Research International’s Remote Sensor Node is a portable CBRN monitoring device suitable for the detection of toxic gases, aerosolized biological agents, and nuclear materials.┬áSome sensors are mounted within its tough cylindrical aluminum shell of 20 cm diameter and 1 meter height, while other sensors, such as video or thermal IR cameras, can be connected to the node via wireless.

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VBAD 3600 Vehicle-Based Automatic Biological Detection

This integrated, vehicle-based system for monitoring biological aerosols is fully automated, initiating robotic sample collection and testing immediately upon detection of an airborne biothreat. It is also upgradable to include detection and identification of gases and vapors.

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Flying UAV Laboratory (COTS system)

Research International's pioneering UAV-based product, the "Flying Laboratory" has full CBRN monitoring capabilities including a second-generation ion mobility spectrometer (IMS) for toxic gas detection, a UV particle fluorometer to monitor for unusually high biological aerosol levels, and a gamma spectrometer in combination with two Geiger counters to detect and identify nuclear materials and monitor radiation levels.

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