Tac-7SD® Biological Aerosol Detector/Collector

Tac-7SD Biological Aerosol Detector/Collector The Tac-7SD® is an integration of the latest digital photon bioaerosol detector technology with a 300 LPM sample collection module based on the electret filter-based SASS 3100. By combining these two capabilities in a single shell, users have a world-class detection/collection system that is equally suited for man-portable survey work or fixed location bioaerosol monitoring applications.

Tac-7SD is extremely useful for tracking background levels of airborne non-biological and biological materials and in addition to sample collection, providing an alarm and/or digital activation command to other equipment if there is a rapid increase in the aerosol background. It does not identify the specific type of biological material detected, and for that reason it is correctly characterized as an aerosol “trigger.”

Operation may be monitored remotely using Windows-based software provided with the unit, and changes may be made to its operating characteristics as desired. Signals may be transmitted wirelessly between the Tac-7SD and a monitoring PC or other equipment using BioLink™ Bluetooth transmitters and receivers, or via RS-232 cables.


Product Features
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Tac-7SD Specifications

Characteristic Description
Operating principle Aerosol particle counter with 280nm UV-stimulated fluorescence signature detection using photon counting coupled with high efficiency electret filter-style aerosol sample collector.
Particle size range 1 to 15 microns in four size ranges. Respirable aerosolized bacteria, spores, viruses, and toxins. Biofluorescence intensity in each size range is monitored and reported.
Interferents Resistant to diesel smoke, pollen, silica and cement dusts and other common interferents.
Detection limit 100 ACPLA in most natural environments, 20-30 ACPLA under laboratory test conditions.
Sampling rate Detector: 1.2 liter per min of ambient air nominal. Sampler: 300 liters/minute.
Time to alarm 15 second average, 30 seconds maximum. 15-minute trailing history is used in alarm protocols.
Alarms Red LED and >100dB piezoacoustic alarm, plus serial link digital alarm output.
Communication RS-232 or wireless BioLink™ pre-programmed for use with sampler.
Serial data output Alarm, particles per liter of air in each size bin; percentage of particles that are biological; relative biofluorescence compared to scattering intensity for each size bin.
Operating time Essentially unlimited if powered externally, or 24+ hours on UBI 2590 rechargeable battery.
Operating life Air pump: 30,000 - 40,000 hours. UV light source: greater than 10,000 hours.
Operating temperature range -40°C to 50°C. Operation to 60°C is permitted up to a total time of 1,000 hours.
Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing
Consumables Detector: None.
Sampler: Electret filters (see below)
Air Collection Rate Standard (bioaerosol) electret filter:
User adjustable 50 LPM to 300 LPM.
HEPA-style (radiological) electret filter:
User adjustable 10 LPM to 49 LPM.
Filter Collection Efficiency Standard (bioaerosol) electret filter:
50% at 0.5 micron diameter.
HEPA-style (radiological) electret filter:
More than 95% for > 0.3 µm diameter.
Filter Mass and Composition Standard (bioaerosol) electret filter:
12 mg/cm2. Polypropylene electret microfiber.
HEPA-style (radiological) electret filter:
2.2 mg/cm2 for active media; 8.6 mg/cm2 including backing scrim. Polypropylene electret microfiber.
Filter Media Size 4.4 cm active diameter filter, mounted in 6.0 cm diameter injection-molded holder.
Accessories Rain cover for air sampler. P/N 7000-165-200-01.
Power Less than 6 watts at 18 VDC to 36 VDC. Uses BA-5590 primary battery or UBI 2590 rechargeable battery. AC mains or vehicle power can be used with proper converter.
Start-up time 1 minute.
Data storage Onboard removable SD-type data card. Stores more than 5 years of aerosol data.
Size 35.8 x 17.2 x 21.7 cm without inlet air stack attached.
35.8 x 17.2 x 29.6 cm with inlet stack attached.
Weight 6.5 kg without battery / 7.5 kg with battery
Package EMI-resistant aluminum shell construction.

Research International reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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