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DETECTING FENTANYL IN THE MAIL: An Interview with CEO Elric Saaski

Elric Saaski on the cover of Mail Magazine In October, Research International CEO Elric Saaski spoke at MailCom 2023 in Atlantic City on new techniques for high-speed detection of fentanyl and biothreats. He was subsequently interviewed on the subject by Mail: The Journal of Communication Distribution, which featured him on the cover of the November/December issue.

Read the interview (PDF)

Leading the Industry in CBRN Technology

Since 1990, Research International, Inc. has been at the forefront of CBRNe technology and innovation. Located near Seattle in the city of Monroe, Washington, Research International is based in an 18,000 square-foot facility supporting manufacturing and R&D, with a team of dedicated engineers and scientists specializing in CBRNe technology.

Our focus areas include sensors and instrumentation for measuring chemical, biological, and physical parameters, with over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing discrete sensor devices and integrated CBRNe systems. Our primary focus is equipment for worldwide counter-terrorism efforts, ranging from handheld sampling and detection equipment to large monitoring systems for mail threat screening and public infrastructure protection.

We specialize in contract research and development, with particular expertise in the following areas:

Development of new and innovative optical chemical, biological, and other parameter sensors
Micromachining and microfluidics in developing advanced products
Miniature rechargeable battery technology
Developing and implementing software to operate instruments and integrate CBRNe systems
Extensive microparticle air sampling capability to collect biological and radiological samples from the air
Advanced technology to manage airflows in air samplers, detectors, and CBRNe systems to insure agents are reliably detected by installed sensors

Air samplers and concentrators

SASS 4000 Concentrator

Detection and Identification Devices

SASS 4100 Two-Stage Collector

Integrated CBRN and CBRNe Solutions

SASS 4100 Two-Stage Collector
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