SASS® 2300 Frequently asked questions

How does the SASS 2300 differ from others on the market?
How does SASS 2300 control and adjust the airflow rate caliber that is input into the device?
Can PBS be used instead of distilled water? Will it have problems with the salt content?
In a buffer, will salts re-aerosolize at the same rate as in water?
I want to add a buffer to the cyclone at sampling start to achieve better viability of the microorganism of interest. Will it be possible to use a salt concentration in the makeup reservoir that will maintain the same salt concentration as the starting point?
What is the function of the software? Can the concentrator be operated without it?
How long can the SASS 2300 air sampler operate on battery power?
How long can SASS 2300 air sampler operate before replacing make-up water?
Is the instrument autoclavable? Is it sensitive to any particular type of chemicals?
Is it necessary to stop the instrument to obtain a sample or can it continue to run while sampling?
Is the top-off of fluid periodic or by sensor feedback?
Is the carry case necessary for flight transport? Will the box that the instrument came in be sufficient if the need arises to send the instrument back for repair?
What is the function of the BioLink RF Data Radio? Is it necessary for the operation of the instrument?
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