CBRN Patrol for Counter-Terrorism Monitoring

CBRN Patrol Robot

The CBRN Patrol Robot is an integrated, multi-featured, remote-controlled, wheeled robotic monitoring vehicle suitable for a wide range of counter-terrorism monitoring applications. It allows the operator to test for biological contamination from a safe distance.

The on-board PTZ camera sends real-time images to the tablet display for remote navigation. The camera can quickly convert to IR thermal mode when required.

The biodetector rapidly detects sudden changes in airborne bacteria, viruses, spores, or proteins. It immediately activates the dry-filter air sampler and notifies the operator.

A weather station measures and stores wind speed and angle, air temperature, and barometric pressure at the specific GPS location.

An on-board industrial-grade computer records all data, which can also be wirelessly transmitted over a 400 meter range to the sensor control software.

The vehicle can handle all types of rough terrain, wet or dry. It also climbs steep angles and negotiates most curbs and steps.


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