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Components machined and assembled at Research MachineResearch Machine has become a one-stop resource for world-class model-making and custom hardware fabrication services. Capable of producing stunning, fully functional 3D visualization hardware for such specific needs as working principles demonstrations. Specializing in small-run and emergency turn-around situations, Research Machine can create working models of virtually any mechanical or optical device using state-of-the-art CNC machining centers, working with a wide variety of materials including urethane, Delrin™, nylon, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Research Machine is a subsidiary of Research nternational, Inc., a contract research and development company serving the medical, military, and commercial markets. The products  found on this site showcases some of the unique talents of our machinists as all were built by them as working prototypes prior to commercial manufacturing. Working in conjunction with Research International’s staff of scientists and engineers, Research Machine is well-supported in the areas of mechanical and optical design, synthetic organic chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and electronic design and layout.

Components machined and assembled at Research Machine

Turned components (metal and plastics)

Turned Components (metal and plastic)
Machined components (metal and plastic)

Machined Components (metal and plastic)
Photo showing RAPTOR machined component

RAPTOR™ machined component
Photo showing completed RAPTOR bioassay system

Completed RAPTOR™ bioassay system

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