Remote Sensor Nodes for CBRN Monitoring

Research International’s Remote Sensor Node is a portable CBRN monitoring device suitable for the detection of toxic gases, aerosolized biological agents, and nuclear materials. Some sensors are mounted within its tough cylindrical aluminum shell of 20 cm diameter and 1 meter height, while other sensors, such as video or thermal IR cameras, can be connected to the node via wireless.  A built-in tripod is used to position the unit or alternatively, it may be secured to an adjacent structure using locking rings built into the exterior surface. Anti-theft features similar to those used for automobiles have been incorporated due to their portability. Data gathered by a unit can be wirelessly transmitted to a remote local receiver positioned up to 2 km away. Collected data from multiple nodes may be transferred to a headquarters location 50-70km distant using commercial RF digital transceivers.

Remote Sensor Node schematic

Remote Sensor Nodes will wirelessly connect to a central monitoring station.

Air is drawn into the unit through a top cap at the rate of 200 liters/minute and discharged through a perforated cylindrical exhaust section near the unit’s base.  The unit is modular in design, and depending on customer preferences, sampled air can be examined:

  • for the presence of toxic gases by one or more of four state-of-the-art detection methods; 
  • by an ultraviolet fluorescence-based biodetector designed to look for suspicious changes in bioaerosol concentrations; and
  • by  a sensitive gamma ray radiation detector capable of detecting suspicious changes in background radiation levels.


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