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ASAP II Collection and Detection System for mailroom applications

ASAP II™ Collection/Detection System

The ASAP II collection/detection system continuously monitors for the presence of aerosol biohazards and will identify biological agents ranging from protein toxins to whole cells and spores as frequently as every 20 to 30 minutes. It is an integration at the hardware and software levels, of Research International's proven SASS 2300 wetted-wall air sampler technology and the RAPTOR four-channel bioassay system.

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SASS 2300 Wetted-Wall Air Sampler

SASS® 2300 Wetted-Wall Air Sampler

The SASS 2300 Plus is a highly efficient, multiple-effect, wetted-wall cyclone collector (replaces SASS 2000 Plus) that extracts and transfers pathogens from sampled air to a small fixed water volume for subsequent user-defined wet analysis'. A unique and patented feature is its ability to perform this function continuously for an extended time period without fluid sample loss. This feature is particularly valuable for continuous long-term monitoring and longer sampling periods also provide useful amplification of low-level airborne concentrations.

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RAPTOR Bioassay Detection System

RAPTOR™ Bioassay Detection System

This rapid, automatic fluorometric assay system is a portable, 4-channel system for monitoring toxins, viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi and other diverse targets. An extremely reliable third-generation product introduced in 2000, users have found these instruments will operate for two years or more with no breakdowns or leaks, and that they will tolerate debris-laden samples (such as are produced in mailrooms and food processing facilities) - impressive feats for a fully automated wet assay system.

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