ASAP V for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Automated Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Threat Detection

ASAP V Multi-Threat system installed in Kazan bus terminal
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The ASAP V™ for Critical Infrastructure Protection is a modular, multi-sensor surveillance system designed for subways and other high-value/high-risk areas. Sensor modules are available that can detect a wide range of threats, from the presence of nuclear, biological and chemical agents, to smoke and fire.

ASAP V/CIP systems may be configured to uniquely match your particular concerns and budget. A nodal approach is used that allows local or remote monitoring of a single suite of detectors or the monitoring of a number of nodes in different locations. Information from the individual nodes can flow to a central PC-based monitoring system via secure optical fiber, cell phone, Internet, Bluetooth, or other appropriate data linking technology. Research International can supply the following monitoring capabilities: NBC threats, explosives, smoke and fire, video and sound, intrusion, thermal imaging and meterological data.

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