SASS® 2400 Low-Volume, Wetted-Wall Air Sampler

SASS 2300 Wetted-Wall Air Sampler

The SASS® 2400 LV air sampler is our smallest wetted-wall aerosol particle collection system. It is designed to operate with a much lower air flow and fluid sample volume than the SASS 2300, while still employing the highly successful wetted wall aerosol collection strategy that has received U.S. Department of Homeland Security Certification under the U.S. Safety Act of 2002.

The cyclone used in the SASS 2400 operates at a 40 LPM air processing rate and requires only 1 ml of fluid, whereas the larger SASS 2300 processes 325 LPM of air and requires 4 to 5 ml of sample fluid. Water loss through evaporation is correspondingly reduced. Makeup water sources will last longer, or can be reduced in size.

Extremely long collection periods continue to be a product highlight — sample fluid is maintained at a constant amount independent of collection time, ambient air temperature, or relative humidity, providing unsurpassed monitoring capabilities in environments ranging from farmyards to hospitals to battlefields.


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